Universidade do Porto

Founded in 1911, the University of Porto is one of the largest Higher Education and Research Institutions in Portugal, with 31.897 students (20% international, including mobility), 2.698 academics & researchers and 1.643 administrative staff. U.Porto is one of the best-positioned Portuguese HE Institutions in national and international rankings.

It has 14 Faculties, 1 Business School and 47 Research Centres located in 3 campuses fully equipped and embedded in the city to guarantee an excellent academic and sociocultural experience. U.Porto is the most sought-after Portuguese HE Institution (1.7 applicants/vacancy) and a leading producer of science, responsible for around 23,8% of the scientific production.

Ensuring high-quality training, education and research is of paramount importance to U.Porto, together with its strong commitment towards society. In fact, it is an important driving force for economic, social, cultural and scientific development in northern region and in the country.

U.Porto has been reinforcing its role as the ideal place for new and talented brains to come and transform their bright ideas into entrepreneurial initiatives. It is a birthplace for innovation in Portugal, as best illustrated by the more than 250 new businesses fostered at the Science and Technology Park of the U.Porto (UPTEC), responsible for the creation of 2700 new jobs in arts, sciences and technologies.

With more than 6000 international students from around 90 nationalities, internationalisation is one of U.Porto‘s strategic pillars, allowing the development of innovative cooperation actions with institutions from all over the world. U.Porto definitely opened its doors to the world, having coordinated and being partner in several projects, namely Erasmus+ and Erasmus Mundus projects, which together represented a direct management by UPORTO of roughly €67M.