EUGLOH Competences Framework

The EUGLOH Alliance Competences Framework consists of 10 key competences that serve the purpose of cataloguing EUGLOH’s training offer in terms of activities oriented to the development of transversal skills, relevant across all study levels and subject areas. The 10 competences are divided into two groups, according to the idea that each hemisphere of our brain manages different functions – the “Left Brain vs. Right Brain” metaphor.

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Left Side The left side of the framework is associated with logical, analytical or objective skills and functions. Thus, in this group, we find the following competences: Digital Skills; Critical Thinking; Financial & Legal Literacy; Ethics & Responsibility and Knowledge into Action.

Right Side The right side of the framework is associated with intuition, imagination, creativity and emotional intelligence. Hence, the competences included in this group are the following: Creativity & Problem Solving; Communication & Collaboration; Leadership & Social Impact; Emotional Awareness & Resilience and Intercultural Skills.

Core Competences: 3 core competences were added to the framework: Working in Multicultural Contexts; Learning to Learn and Working in Multidisciplinary Teams. These competences embody some of the fundamental values of the European Universities Initiative and the EUGLOH Alliance’s mission and goals and can, consequently, be developed through the participation in any of the activities.