Coffee Break with EUGLOH: Research Videos

What is “Coffee Break with EUGLOH”?

Coffee Break with EUGLOH gives you the opportunity to learn more about research into global health challenges at each of the EUGLOH Universities.

What topics will be covered?

A broad range of topics within the field of global health will be covered from virology to nutrition to health communication.

When will the series begin?

The Coffee Break with EUGLOH video series will launch on the 12th October and will be released every 2 weeks from then.

Who is this for?

Current students at the EUGLOH universities at all levels and subject areas with an interest in global health challenges. Researchers/teachers at the EUGLOH universities with an interest in in global health challenges., particularly those looking to collaborate.

with Joakim Esbjörnsson
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Green History
with Lajos Rácz
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with Katja Radon
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with Pedro Graça
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Behavioural Economics and Decision Making
with Erik Wengström
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with Márta Széll
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with Alexandra Lopes
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Innovation in Healthcare
with Jelena Spanjol
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Medical Law
with Yana Litins'ka
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Global Health in the Light of Agriculture
with Edit Mikó
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with Henrique Barros
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with Luiz André Dos Santos Gomes
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