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Partnering with EUGLOH

Connecting students and professionals

EUGLOH frequently partners with companies and other organisations to bridge the gap between the academic world and the job market. Here, you can find out how your organisation can get involved.


EUGLOH unites nine top-notch European universities who combine for 338,500 students and 54,000 academic staff as well as a network of local associated partners. Its cumulated expertise and pool of talent are of interest to any company, public institution, NGO or other organisation striving to cooperate in terms of cutting-edge research or recruiting.

How can you partner up with EUGLOH?

Within EUGLOH, there are already several formats of engagement with external partners in place. Popular formats for cooperation are:

  1. Meet & Greets: Our Meet & Greets are especially designed to connect students and partner organizations from the EUGLOH ecosystem. The events usually consist of a short input from the partner organization followed by a Q&A session with the participants. Prior to the event, the partner organization will receive the participants’ CVs in order to evaluate recruiting opportunities. See an example here.

  2. Business Case events: At EUGLOH business case events, partner organization have the chance to meet with students in a hands-on setting. The events usually start with an introduction of the partner organizations followed by concrete business cases that the participating students will solve as well as a short workshop on a relevant topic (e.g. “future of work” or “demands of the European job market”).

  3. Mentoring from experts and “real world” practitioners:: EUGLOH offers a large range of training activities that are aimed at the professional development and employability of students. In order to add a practical dimension, many of them involve the participation of professionals from external partners in the respective field. They are involved for example through a role as mentors who provide guidance to students’ projects or as judges when the final pitches are presented. See an example here.

  4. Traineeship opportunities: EUGLOH aims to connect companies with competent candidates seeking an international placement opportunity to complete their training path, improve their professional skills for a future career, anticipate growing professional mobility and boost their employability potential. Traineeships in any field related to Global Health in a wider and transdisciplinary sense will qualify. Please find here the thematic core areas of EUGLOH.

  5. Your own format: We will be happy to discuss what your organization’s involvement could look like and how to best adapt it to your needs and expectations. If you have an idea that goes beyond the examples above, you are of course free to approach us with any suggestions and we will work out how they could be implemented.

How to get in touch?

Please send an e-mail to and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are looking forward to hearing from you!