EUGLOH Annual Summit 2022

15 - 17 June 2022

How has EUGLOH played a role in responding to global health challenges? What has the creation of EUGLOH meant to its students, staff and partners? What is EUGLOH’s vision for the future of the Alliance? How will EUGLOH re-shape higher education in Europe? How can the EUGLOH Alliance ecosystem contribute to furthering EUGLOH’s educational, scientific, and innovation goals?

EUGLOH has come a long way since its inception in 2019. The Alliance has enjoyed a number of significant achievements over the past two and a half years that have given it a strong foundation to achieve its long term aims. In order to transform the achievements it’s had so far into building blocks for its future development, the Université Paris-Saclay is hosting the second EUGLOH Annual Summit.

Who can participate?

  • Students
  • Staff
  • Researchers
  • New Partners

The event is also for industrial and business partners, for regional stakeholders and for the general public

Where will it take place?

Both online and at Université Paris-Saclay