Joint Curricula & Degrees

Through designing joint trans-national European programmes, systematic recognition of mobility periods, fluidity of student circulation, harmonization of the administrative procedures in dialogue with the respective national authorities, the alliance intends to pave the way towards full-fledged European degrees.

There are Erasmus Mundus Joint Master's Degrees in the field of Global Health in cooperation between the EUGLOH partners and applications are now open!

  1. The SERP+ Master aims at training experts in the most advanced experimental and theoretical tools developed in chemistry, physical-chemistry and materials science, making them ready to develop innovative ideas and enterprises related to sustainable developments in Energy, Health and Environment.
    • Application deadlines: With scholarship: March 15th / Self-funded: May 31st
  2. The FIPDes Master in Food Innovation and Product Design is created to tackle the global challenges of food innovation along with product design and packaging.
  3. The LASCALA Master in Large Scale Accelerators and Lasers aims at training experts in accelerators physics, high power lasers, laser plasma interaction at high intensity, as well as in their applications related to new sources of energy, health, and security diagnostics.
    • Application deadlines: With scholarship: February 25th / Self-funded: May 15th
  4. The QUARMEN Master aims at preparing a new generation of experts for the second Quantum revolution with a training in key concepts and technologies for quantum devices and information.
    • Application deadlines: With scholarship: February 25th / Self-funded: May 15th

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