Voices of EUGLOH

Meet: Ágoston, Barbara, Bounpasith and Phavida from the University of Szeged

Ágoston from Hungary studying Marketing

Due to Covid-19 I moved to my hometown to live with my relatives and I try to survive the daily tasks together with my lovely girlfriend. I have a lot of university tasks that we have to complete in weekly periods while at the same time I try to do some online courses for my self-improvement. It is a very good opportunity for me to improve my English knowledge and I try to spend more time with reading books. Moreover, in our home we have a doggo and I go out with my girlfriend regularly to pet that little one. We try to get in shape and we do exercises daily basis. It is hard to focus on our tasks and sometimes it is tough to manage my time in the best way, but I try to do so. In the last few days my social life only consists of playing games with my friends online and going to the shop. But I don’t give up and I am trying to focus on my duties and my tasks as well. :)

Barbara from Hungary studying Marketing

As a result of Covid-19, my life changed in a lot of aspects. I decided to be separated from my family during the period of the virus and it is extremely hard for me to not see them at the weekends. It is hard to be not capable to give them a hug or talk to them. I miss my friends terribly, too, because I love to have long talks with them about their and my life and our feelings and opinions next to a super delicious coffee. My social life has moved to the online space and I keep in touch with my family by having video and phone talks, but let’s be honest, it is not the same. My friends and I usually write messages to each other and when we have time we usually give each other a call.

As for the university, it is completely different for me. I get a lot of tasks to fulfill for my classes and it sometimes can be overwhelming. There are a lot of assignments which I have to hand in for completing my classes, so I have to be smart about how to manage my time properly.

Apart from the negative effects of the virus, of course, there are positive ones, too! :) I have the time to practice my language knowledge in English and I have the time to practice my French! In addition, I do a lot of exercises, I am trying to master in yoga (it is a pretty hard job) and I try to learn how to dance. I do online courses and I think about starting to write a blog.

During the quarantine I decided to stay with my boyfriend at his hometown. He has a young and crazy playful dog whom I play with and of course I have the chance to be in their garden and get some fresh air.

Bounpasith Phommachack from Laos studying International Economy and Business

Firstly, I would like to tell that this situation is very new and unexpected thing for me (Covid-19, the curfew and distance learning). However, I must to accept it and try to move forward by staying at home for self-study, online classes and tests and doing all my assignments. Thus, I have to accommodate and manage my time to study until the afternoon and then to go out to buy foods and drinks in the evening before doing homework at night. I did not go jogging or do any other outside activities for around three weeks now. When your day mainly includes sitting face to face with the monitor on your laptop, reading the learning materials, eating, sleeping, and then the whole thing all over again... that can get very boring! So, I try to relax by cooking with my flatmates, cleaning the flat or washing my clothes. These are the only things that can I do at home at the moment!

Phavida Xaypanya from Laos studying International Economy and Business

My feeling about staying at home? Well, actually it is neither good nor bad, but a little bit boring right now. What I currently use to do at home is of course to study online and sometimes if I am lazy I just sleep or surf the internet... and cooking of course! My time I am currently managing with CooSpace, actually I am checking CooSpace many times as our lecturers really like to lecturers post news and updates in CooSpace