An Investment Pathway for the European Universities Initiative Post-2027

EUGLOH Position Paper

EUGLOH strongly supports the proposal of an Investment Pathway for the “European Universities Initiative” and thanks DG EAC for collecting feedback from the European University Alliances to jointly develop the way forward for this initiative. In support of these efforts, EUGLOH has drafted its first joint position paper and has also signed on to the joint alliance statement that came out on 29 September.

European Universities Alliances deliver on a bold new vision for European Higher Education – one which sees us expanding the horizons of our students and staff by making shrinking the obstacles that keep them from studying, working and traveling between the universities which compose our European alliances. In view of its experiences over the past few years, the European University Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH) makes recommendations on the implementation of an Investment Pathway which could encourage a bolder approach towards creating a truly holistic and sustainable funding environment for the European University Alliances.

Long-term funding of the Alliances must be guaranteed in order to continue their successful work so far. The European University Alliances touch on all four corners of the knowledge square. The adoption of a transversal approach (i.e. trans-directorate – DG EAC, RTD and even REGIO) by the European Commission would be advantageous for ensuring that Alliances can become sustainable and fully achieve the objectives that have been set for them. European University Alliances are truly at the cross-roads of the European project – both supported by all other sectors and supporting all other sectors – and an important tool for the EU’s visibility, competitiveness and attractiveness worldwide. This is a vision that EUGLOH shares with the other European University Alliances currently en route on this long-term transformation process aimed at strengthening the European Higher Education and Research Areas.

Download EUGLOH’s full position paper on the investment pathway

Download the joint alliance statement on the investment pathway