Bringing sunshine to Tromsø

Road trip to the Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø

1st-4th December 2022: Tromsø, Norway


As part of Phase 2.0, EUGLOH will welcome four new partner universities to the Alliance, including the Arctic University of Tromsø in Norway.


Tromsø is a beautiful city between fjords, islands, and mountains, with a visible past a fascinating history, a lively, colourful city centre, an inclusive nightlife and numerous attractions. The UiT the Arctic University of Norway is the northernmost university of the world. It is a research university that contributes to knowledge-based development at regional, national and international level. The study portfolio covers all classical subject areas from Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Education and Humanities, Science and Technology to Economics, Law, Social Work, Tourism, Sports, and Fine Arts.

We were picked up by students from Tromsø on the very first day of our arrival and were shown around the campus.

The campus is not only very large, but also offers many workplaces and different activities for students. It was also beautifully decorated for Christmas, and you could admire colourful art pictures on every wall. The students told us a lot about their university and their everyday life, which was very interesting for us.

The programme in the following days consisted of several presentations, workshops, ice breakers (games), and other fun activities. We presented EUGLOH and explained what our goal is and how we can work together and strengthen the exchange in the future. The Norwegian students also presented their university and structures. There was a lot of space for questions, exchange and ideas.

The workshops focused a lot on communication, leadership and teamwork/-building and work strategies. It was nice to share about the activities afterwards and to get to know everyone better.

All in all, we had a great time and were able to intensify the relationship with our new partner university and gain a better understanding of their wishes and needs.

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