Building Bridges, Inspiring Change: EUGLOH Alliance Video Competition Winners Connect University and Society

Students need not wait until they graduate to use the skills they gain from university to have a positive impact on the world around them. The three finalists of the EUGLOH “Building Bridges” video competition demonstrated just that, when they were invited to present their entries during the closing ceremony of the 3rd EUGLOH Annual Summit in Lund on 14 June. Within the framework of a 3-minute video, each told an inspiring story of how they are building bridges between university and society.

"What is the most important skill you have learned so far at university and how have you used it to make a positive impact?" This was the question that all EUGLOH students were invited to answer in their videos.

For Vladimir Bujak from the University of Novi Sad, this skill was time management, and he has used it to design an all-in-one note-taking app able to rapidly synthesize information and present it in an easy-to-study format. His motivation for this project was to spend less time writing note cards to study for university exams and more time with his family. “This video came to be out of a deep need of mine to show the people in my life how much their love, support and affection mean to me”, Vladimir elaborated during the award ceremony at the EUGLOH Annual Summit in Lund. His devotion to finding a way to spend more time with his loved ones won him first place in the video competition.

Second place went to Ratna Prasanna Srikantam Venkata Naga from Lund University. Ratna showcased her experience in "Science Communication" and her efforts to bridge the gap between research and the public by organising seminars to share stories and information regarding public health.

Shehroz Tariq from the University of Szeged took third place. His "Chit Chat Corner" initiative is a simple yet effective way to bring international students together and promote authentic communication on university campuses.

A jury consisting of EUGLOH members from the field of communication as well as a student representative selected the winning videos. The three finalists were invited to attend the 2023 EUGLOH Annual Summit, held in Lund on 13-14 June to present their videos.