EUGLOH awarded Erasmus+ grant to continue its mission for another 4 years

EUGLOH Success

With the results of the 2022 call for European Universities initiative, EUGLOH joins 15 other original pilot consortia in receiving the green light to continue their missions and expand their impact for another 4 years. During its next phase – EUGLOH 2.0 – the Alliance will gain 4 new partners to become a consortium of 9 higher education institutions committed to creating an integrated campus with a focus on global health.

It was announced today by the European Commission that the European University Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH) has received the green light to continue with its mission to develop interdisciplinary activities related to global health and create increased mobility among students and researchers in Europe. The alliance is a European association of universities and higher education institutions co-funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ programme. It also forms an integral part of the aim, by the European Commission and European Union members states, to establish a "European Education Area".


Photo taken by EUGLOH: Annual Summit 2022 Paris-Saclay

Increase Mobility & Strengthen Cooperation

The aim of the European University Alliance initiative is to establish strategic partnerships that will strengthen the quality of higher education and increase cooperation between European universities. Through the EUGLOH alliance, students and staff are given a greater opportunity to collaborate across universities. Mobility within bachelor's, master's, PhD and post-doctoral programmes as well as among staff (both academic and administrative) is a central tenet of the initiative. Accompanying this is the vision of having an integrated European campus on which to welcome these students and staff.

Influence the Future of Global Health

The concept of global health extends far beyond the traditional area of healthcare, and includes factors such as the future of medicine, climate change, environmental hazards, biodiversity and digital health/technologies for health and well-being. The continuation of EUGLOH will allow the Alliance to continue its joint efforts to have an impact in these areas particularly in relation with the knowledge square: Education, Research, Innovation and Service to Society.


Facts about EUGLOH:

  • The alliance originally consisted of five universities: Université Paris-Saclay, Lund University, Ludwig Maximilians-Universität München, Universidade do Porto and University of Szeged.
  • The original alliance included 210,000 students, 23,000 employees and 450 research groups.
  • The new expansion consists of four new partners: University of Alcalá, University of Hamburg, University of Novi Sad and UiT – The Arctic University of Norway.
  • The first Erasmus+ call for the establishment of alliances took place in 2019, when 17 alliances were established including EUGLOH. This year’s call was the third such call for proposals, for which 31 applications were submitted for the creation of new alliances, and 21 applications for the expansion of existing alliances. EUGLOH is among the 16 existing alliances receiving the green light from the European Commission for an additional four years of co-funded support.