EUGLOH in the #EUvsVirus hackathon

Forming teams to join the search for innovative solutions

On April 24-26, the European Commission was hosting a pan-European hackathon that aimed to find innovative solutions by bringing together creative minds and problem-solvers from, among others, IT, Health, Business, Social & Political Cohesion and Education.

With their great expertise in Global Health, research and education, EUGLOH members committed as an official partner of the #EUvsVirus Hackathon and participated with 33 followers and participants, seven teams as well as various experts.

The following teams worked on five innovative projects for different COVID-19 challenges from the areas Remote Working & Education, Health & Life and Social & Political Cohesion:

  1. Team EUGLOH E-Learning: Serendipitous Campus
  2. Team EUGLOH Modelling: Flatten Forecasting
  3. Team EUGLOH C: Get Active Online
  4. Team EUGLOH PharmSaclay: Self-tests your saliva
  5. Team EUGLOH Covid19: Digital Fabrication Distributed Network

In addition to the teams, we were happy to have the support of EUGLOH experts in different areas:

  1. Sandrine Lacombe (UPSaclay) as team coordinator for „European Universities“
  2. Hervé Dole (UPSaclay) as challenge lead for "New forms of outreach"
  3. Fátima Vieira (UPorto) as mentor for "Support arts & entertainment"
  4. Katherine Fregnac (UPSaclay) as skill mentor for "Remote working & Education" and "Business continuity" and "Other" domains
  5. Matthias Siebeck (LMU Munich) as jury member for „Health & Life/Lack of skilled caregivers”
  6. Stefano Bosi (UPSaclay) as jury member for „Social & Political Cohesion/Developing People-Driven Economies”

Pan-EU Hackathon