EUGLOH’s Statement in Support of Ukraine

The European University Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH) stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people following the Russian government’s attack.

Our Alliance aims to promote values of peace, inclusion and well-being across Europe and in the world. As a European higher education alliance, we are particularly concerned by the bombing of Ukrainian universities. We intend to put our show of solidarity into action, with any means at our disposal, to show our utmost support for university students and staff from Ukraine. We also express our solidarity with Russian citizens, especially students and professors, who strongly disapprove of the actions of their government and who may also face threats because of it.

Our alliance focuses on global health. This attack and its tremendous consequences are a reminder that it can only flourish when there is peace, freedom and justice. We call on our leaders and our stakeholders to play their part in restoring it and to keep the aim for resiliency and sustainability in mind as they act.

Please consult the below links for further information regarding the resources our partner universities are providing in response to this crisis: