Forum of Universities for the Future of Europe

On the 26th January 2022, the Forum of Universities for the Future of Europe took place, providing the opportunity to discuss and reflect upon the role european universities will play in the. future. We are excited to share the ways in which EUGLOH was involved.

Sandrine Lacombe (Vice President for International and European Affairs at the Université Paris-Saclay moderating a round table on Learning in and about Europe: students as actors of European citizenship

Laura Velezmoro (a student representative of EUGLOH) gave a 3-minute speech along with 5 other university alliance representatives during a Workshop on Being a student in Europe: belonging, inclusion, well-being

Nicoletta Palladino (a student representative of EUGLOH) was in the broadcasting studio in Paris to be a student rapporteur for a round table on Strengthening the training-employment link: teaming up to increase the competitiveness of European higher education