EUGLOH Business Partner Futury is recruiting for a new innovation program focusing on energy

EUGLOH students can apply until April 30, 2021 for a paid international internship in a 3-months-long entrepreneurial project

The energy transformation is often talked about these days with an increasing concern for our planet and its boundaries. However, actions are needed to finally move forward!

At @Futury, these actions come in a very tangible form with the initiative #TheMission that brings together market leaders and young talents to jointly tackle the challenges. During the 3-month innovation program, selected talents from all over the world are equipped with access to corporate expertise, extensive workshops, and financial support to develop and implement their ideas. By now, the different teams have brought forth solutions for waste, banking, sports, and work, and while the current mission #MobilityBeUrban is running just now, the next one is already in the starting blocks.

The #EnergyBeEmpowered targets the power sector to discover, design and build sustainable solutions for the production, usage and management of energy. This program will start in June, and Futury is already looking for new talents! Check out their website and #JoinTheMissionNow:

Futury would be happy to receive applications from EUGLOH students. If EUGLOH students participate in the project, they can use it as an (international) internship opportunity (salary of about 500€ per months).