Hackathon meets communication challenges meets EUGLOH staff

Working hard and overcoming demanding challenges while having fun, getting inspired and taking time to breathe and smile. Members of EUGLOH universities did just that during a Staff Week at the University of Porto in April. The EUGLOH management team in Porto, in collaboration with Professor Tiago Gama Rocha, provided a visionary and inspiring staff training where the participants were working in teams to solve five EUGLOH-related communication challenges.

The staff week was organized in the format of a hackathon. Divided into teams of five, participants were assigned a challenge to work on throughout the week. These challenges evolved around how to reach more students, staff and faculty, how to improve the Alliance’s onboarding process, and how to make everyone feel part of a team. Teams dug deep and came up with new and exciting ways to tackle the different challenges. The participants presented their progress every day, aligning the solutions and presentations with the feedback from the mentors.

“This was a tough program – still a motivating one! We got to know each other better, realized we face the same obstacles, and we got even more motivated to improve the alliance, as we are all in this together,” said Anna Szabó of the University of Szeged. Each EUGLOH member university was represented at the BIP with staff and faculty from all areas.

The Interweek in Porto took place from 17 to 21 April, 2023 and was one of several Blended Intensive Porgrammes that have been offered to EUGLOH staff.

Find out what the participants thought of the experience: