Student Road Trip: Developing a sense of community in Alcalá

The University of Alcalá welcomed students from different partner universities of the European University Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH) on the occasion of the “Road Trip” at the end of October. The aim of this visit was to develop and strengthen relationships between the different EUGLOH Student Boards. The participating student board members worked together to emphasize students’ active and effective participation within every university and the Alliance.



On the first day of the trip, EUGLOH students were warmly welcomed in the Rectorate’s building before they were given a campus tour of the University of Alcalá, which is one of the most ancient higher education institutions in Spain and UNESCO World Heritage Site. They visited significant places, like the Chapel of San Ildefonso or the Main Hall.

During their stay, student representatives participated in a variety of workshops, for example on activities and dissemination within EUGLOH, student representation structures, sustainability or equality and diversity. The workshops helped the students learn about transversal topics and different perspectives as well as exchange best-practices.

In addition to the workshops and trainings, students had time to taste different national dishes, such as the well-known “tapas” or the Spanish “tortilla”. They also had the opportunity to visit Spain’s nearby capital Madrid, walk through the famous ‘Parque del Retiro’ and visit the Prado Museum.

“These shared moments in Spain enabled EUGLOH students to develop a sense of community and realize the importance of their active and effective participation in the Alliance”, says María Pilar Moracho Torija, president of the Local Student Board at the University of Alcalá. After all, as the Student’s Council of the University of Alcalá states, “the voice of students is our greatest heritage”.