Student Road Trip Hamburg: All good things deserve a sequel

Universität Hamburg hosts second “Student Road Trip” of 2023

All Road Trip participants from the EUGLOH partner universities had the opportunity to enjoy a diverse workshop and social programme during their visit at Universität Hamburg from November 17-22. They were able to gain insights into the structures of the host university and its Local Student Board (LSB). In addition, they were able to get an idea of Uni Hamburg’s sustainability efforts and had many opportunities to discover the city of Hamburg.



The trip started on a Saturday, with discussions around multiple topics, such as each Student Board’s particular structure and how each of them engages their students. Following the discussions, the participants enjoyed a student-led guided tour of Hamburg's most important historical sights, which culminated in a full immersion in Hamburg's culture during the 'Fischbrötchen und Fähre' (fish roll and ferry) activity. Students got to taste the traditional fish roll and take a ferry ride through the Hanseatic city's harbour.

On the following day, students focused on sustainability in a workshop led by the UHH Green Office. They lent a helping hand and assisted with plant care, demonstrating their commitment even in less-than-welcoming weather conditions.

On Monday, students had the opportunity to meet Uni Hamburg’s EUGLOH staff and engage in a team-building activity — the spaghetti marshmallow challenge. The goal was to collaboratively construct the tallest structure capable of holding a marshmallow at the top. With good communication and teamwork, almost every group managed to build a tower 50% larger than the average for the challenge.

Even though the agenda was full of interesting workshops, there was still plenty of time left for team bonding activities. The participants had the opportunity to get to know each other better and strengthen existing connections through activities such as a visit to the fun fair “Hamburger Dom”, with its rollercoasters, traditional food and, of course, plenty of laughter.

Anna Wagner, Universität Hamburg LSB vice-president, reflects on the Student Road Trip: "It was interesting to be on the ‘other side’ of this visit, planning and organising it. I learnt a lot. It was especially enjoyable and inspiring to meet students from the partner universities and exchange ideas with them!"