University of Szeged: Bilingual chatbot extends student information at SZTE

In addition to the health student hotline launched on the 10th of March, a chatbot has also been launched to inform university students at the SZTE. On the University of Szeged Facebook page, Berci-bot provides information in Hungarian and English on distance education, graduation and dormitory placement.

Since the 10th of March, coronavirus-related information has been available 24/7 for students of the University of Szeged through a public hotline. SZTE students can ask for information in healthcare related issues, both in Hungarian and in English, at +36 62 546 800. On 18th March, a chatbot was launched to give out information about upcoming changes in education necessary because of the current national state of emergency.

The chatbot sends out short messages about the length of the semester, the official venues of education, practical lessons, thesis defense sessions or who is allowed to stay in dormitories. Berci-bot is available on the official Facebook page of the University of Szeged.