Unveiling the Nano Frontier: A Confluence of Minds in Hamburg

Exploring the Thrilling Intersections of Nanotechnology and Life Sciences for Scientists Across All Career Horizons

A EUGLOH match-making workshop on the “Convergence of Nanotechnology for Health Care Diagnostics” was recently held at the Center for Hybrid Nanostructures (CHyN) at Universität Hamburg and hosted by Prof. Dr. Robert Blick.


This hybrid event provided an opportunity for interdisciplinary, international, cross-cultural and intergenerational networking and knowledge exchange. The projects that were presented during the workshop ranged from the laboratory bench to promoting healthy lifestyles; from the nanoworld to ours. In addition, this event helped those attendees —who were not especially involved in these areas of expertise—to learn more about the health care diagnoses and nanotechnology fields.

Nine institutions from six countries across Europe were represented. Thanks to the participation of international scientists and trainees in the EUGLOH network and to the different research they conduct, this can be called a truly international event.

The workshop provided an informal platform for early career scientists to present their work in a friendly environment and promoted discussion between scientists at all career stages. Not only for finding new solutions for managing health care, but also for training and mentoring some of next generation’s health care innovators. By bringing this broad range of experts and trainees together, the workshop in Hamburg created a springboard for new collaborative proposals for addressing the common global health challenges facing our world.