World Health Summit 2022

16th-18th October, Berlin

During the 3 days of World Health Summit, ambassadors had the opportunity to participate in a large number of conferences such as Sexual and Reproductive Health, Rights for All, antibiotic resistance and health for peace. This event was an opportunity to discuss with global health leaders. There were politicians, industrialists, researchers and people from civil society. It was an exceptional opportunity to make EUGLOH a topic of discussion around us and to make EUGLOH known throughout Europe and the world.

Student perspectives: ".. I had the chance to meet Kenneth Prudencio Advocacy Officer at ASAPSU and Maziko Matemvu who is Vice President of PMNCH Adolescent and Youth Constituency and Heath Coordinator at MIET Africa. I was also present at the Sports and Health conference where I was able to speak quickly with the director general of the WHO and with Didier Drogba. Finally, during the Meaningful Youth Engagement with Global Health Governance conference, I was able to talk about EUGLOH to Ying Tsun Sam Chem Chair of Public Health International Pharmaceutical Students Federation. What I take away is that our project is of the utmost interest and interest. Participating in the World Health Summit confirms my desire to be involved in these crucial causes. From a personal point of view, I was able to see that I was comfortable with this kind of event and that it’s in this multicultural environment that I want to work later. Professionally, I had several potential internships." Daphné Biboum

"My name is Yacine and I am a student in my 5th year of pharmacy and I had the chance to represent EUGLOH as an ambassador during the World Health Summit 2022, which took place in Berlin. It was really a unique experience, both in terms of the exchange that I was able to have with people from different backgrounds: doctors from different countries, researchers, members of large world organisations, ministers. This exchange was enriching but also allowed me to get to know EUGLOH and what our alliance aspires to become and what it currently proposes. In addition, the various conferences, addressing several themes such as antibiotic resistance, or health for peace, in which we were able to participate were truly inspiring, both in terms of their content and the people presenting. Thus, this participation allowed us to recharge our batteries and to get new ideas, to motivate us to undertake new things within the alliance. But above all to have an experience and unique exchanges to make EUGLOH known throughout Europe and the world." Yacine Saadaoui