Ana-Maria Savin, Administrative Intern at EUGLOH Secretariat at Paris-Saclay

"As an intern, I've seen EUGLOH in action, and I'm genuinely convinced it can make a real difference in the field of global health"
Introducing Ana-Maria Savin from the EUGLOH Secretariat at Paris-Saclay. As an administrative intern, Ana is a key contributor to the daily operations of the Alliance. Having joined in September 2023, she reflects on the challenges and growth experienced both personally and professionally. Dive into the interview below to discover Ana-Maria's unique journey and her perspective on the initiatives of the Alliance.


EUGLOH [you·glow] - Faces behind the Alliance:

Could you share a brief overview of your role and responsibilities within the Alliance?

As an administrative intern for the EUGLOH Secretariat, located at Paris-Saclay, I actively contribute to the day-to-day administrative operations of the Alliance. This includes coordinating meetings, preparing agendas and background documents, and implementing administrative procedures. One of my key responsibilities involves updating the Handbook of Joint Operational Procedures (HOJOP), which compiles harmonised procedures within the Alliance.

How long have you been associated with EUGLOH?

I joined EUGLOH in September 2023.

How has being part of EUGLOH influenced your personal and/or professional growth?

Being part of EUGLOH has impacted both my personal and professional growth. On a personal level, the experience has been challenging because I had to relocate to Paris. I’m only halfway through my period here, so I'm still adapting and learning. Professionally, the opportunity has allowed me to apply my educational knowledge in International Relations and Project Management in a practical setting.

What has been your favourite experience or moment within EUGLOH so far?

My favourite experience within EUGLOH so far has been the day I had the opportunity to attend Jacques Delors’ homage. As an Erasmus intern at EUGLOH and Paris-Saclay, I was one of the students invited to the event by the president of France. This moment left a big impression on me, since having the chance to be present at such a big event and to be around so many important personalities is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What is your favourite EUGLOH initiative?

As someone who has just finished her studies this summer, looking back, I can't help but appreciate EUGLOH's student exchange programmes. I wish I had had the chance to explore different academic environments and cultures, it would have been an incredible experience. Don't miss out on these chances, because they're more than just academic experiences!

From your perspective, why is EUGLOH important?

From my perspective, as an intern, I've seen EUGLOH in action, and I'm genuinely convinced it can make a real difference in the field of global health. The team goes beyond just discussing ideas; they put them into practice, share innovative thoughts and bring a unique energy. What makes EUGLOH special is this shared drive, even with different cultural backgrounds, and I'm happy for the opportunity to be part of this dynamic environment during my internship and witness how things work behind the scenes.

This interview is part of the series "EUGLOH [you·glow]: Faces behind the Alliance", which introduces the diverse and inspiring individuals within the EUGLOH community.