Scandinavian Model of Equality - Gender, Class, Ethnicity and the Social Welfare State

Host university
Lund University
Teaching language
Target group
Students of all disciplines
Type (V / B / P)
B, P
Study level (A1-C2)
Spring and Autumn Semester
10 weeks (20 hours a week)

We will cover issues such as citizenship and representation in political institutions, changes in women’s participation in the labour force, sexuality and the social welfare state, masculinity studies as well as gender and social change. Integral to the course is learning to use critical theoretical understandings in analysing how models of gender equality are affected by social relations such as race/ethnicity, sexual identity and class. The course is directed towards international exchange students who wish to acquire knowledge of the Swedish/Scandinavian societies from a gender perspective and it is also open for regular students at Lund University.