Swedish Art in a Scandinavian Context

Host university
Lund University
Teaching language
Target group
Students of all disciplines
Type (V / B / P)
B, P
Study level (A1-C2)
Spring Semester
10 weeks (20 hours a week)

The course presents an outline of Swedish art and visual culture from prehistoric times on to the present era, with insights in art from other Scandinavian countries. A chronological outline is given of artistic expressions from the rock carvings of the Bronze Age to contemporary art and architecture. As part of the outline the gradual evolution of artist roles, the formation of an indigenous body of artists as well as related institutions, expressions of nationalism and international contacts are discussed. The chronological outline is combined with thematic studies emphasizing aspects of gender, class and ethnicity. In addition to lectures and seminars the course is based on visits to local museums and studies of architecture in Lund.